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Dear Visitor,
due to technikal reasons, our main office telephone numbers will be inactive from 01.10.2018 to 05.10.2018.
You are welcome to contact us via our mobile phones:
Anton Scherger +49157 81878448
Jasmin Tiganj +49159 04253468
Alexey Emets +49163 4700981
Vladimir Lehmann +49159 04044296
Hajran Dzafic +49176 10102759
Alina Schmidt +49176 10102760
Marina Schmidt +49159 04175828
Alexej Engelhardt +49163 7474278
Igor Chekalin +49159 04120579
Ekaterina Schreider +49176 10111591
Kindly update your contact information and we look forward to serving you as usual during the week of swithing to new provider.
Taking this opportunity, we would like to convey our best wishes & sincere thanks to the support that you have so generously bestowed upon our company over the years. We remain sincerely yours in providing you with reliable services in pursuit of building a mutually prosperous business relation.
Your ALBE Team

Our services


A wide range of services for the organization of transportation and freight forwarding



Supply of equipment for various business areas


ALBE LOGISTIK - dynamically developing freight forwarding company

Established by a group of professionals with years of experience in the transport industry. We cooperate with leading sea lines, airlines, we work with reliable motor transport operators on the basis of long-term contracts, we have our own fleet of rail cars in Lithuania, which provides us with access to exclusive rates.

Own warehouse

Our own warehouse in Vilnius enables us to reload to rail cars to the highest standard and for hardy fair prices. The whole process of reloading is strictly monitored by high-end professionals and recorded, which excludes damage to goods for some unknown reason.

Responsibility to the client

Transport and warehouse operations of ALBE ALLIANCE are insured with major German insurance company Oskar Schunck.
At the client’s will the goods may be reloaded in the presence of the insurer or survey provider Oskar Schunck.

Why choose us

Our advantages

10 years on the market

Our company has been working in the market of logistics services since 2008 and has established itself as a reliable partner

Own warehouse

Own warehouse in Vilnius allows us to produce high quality and at an acceptable price transshipment in wagons


We insure every cargo and guarantee that the cargo will be delivered safely and on time

Professional freight forwarders

Thanks to the work of qualified freight forwarders, you can be sure that the cargo is delivered on time and in maximum safety